Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ohhh noooo!!!

I've got 2 solid reasons to have this title of the post as what it is:

1. Nooooooo. I dont have enough time to comment and analyze on politics and governance or even international studies... at least for now. Veri hectic schedule, kinda difficult to have time for this. Im now only capable of having such comments in borak2 kedai kopi with my mates. Sori jgn cakap aku berbual lebat pulak. (Semangat kadang2 melebihi kemampuan ) Heheheh

2. No no no no no no no... and no!!!! Yes, my deuter cerrotorre 40L has been stolen, along with my wallet cash hphone digital camera watch shirts pants.... It was during my exSASER rugby match that it was being stolen. Only Allah knows how I felt. Half time ada, match abis beg pun lesap. Semoga sang pencuri akan mendapat petunjuk dari Allah. IMYSM deuter cerrotorre 40L!!! :(

(Song playing: I miss u - Blink 182)

Friday, October 7, 2011

im backkkkkkk hahaha

just feeling the intrinsic motivation (perhaps extrinsic,too) to comment write analyse on current politics socioeconomy policies international relations and stuffsss.

tungguuu dan lihat

to b continued

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

pelik tapi benar

salam to all.
dilema. seriously.
not actually.

even though i am in the line to become a doctor, insya Allah,
but seems like i tend to do things related more to current issues, humanitarian problems, political discussions, social developments etc.

but it doesnt mean that i dont have interest in the medical career path.

errr, hopefully I'm not in the wrong career path.
Lord, show me the way :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

population growth

listening to BBC radio news just now, and I heard that around 2050, the global population will increase more than 9 billion.
how crowded could that be? we r around 7 billion now (approximately) and there's too much conflicts. I wonder how will the extra 2 billion people will fit into this increasingly limited space and resources. One of the correspondent mentioned about population control and asked the listeners how cruel could that be? For me personally, it depends on what method of population control.

In a nutshell, the world is reaching its maximum carrying capacity. Its only a matter of time before........................ ( end this by your own word)

ratko mladic

Thursday, April 7, 2011


batu seremban
tuju selipar
galah panjang

thanks PKEB kerana mengembalikan kami ke alam tradisi ibu bapa & atok nenek kami

permainan ini hampir hanyut dek arus pemodenan

sangat2 riang kami bermain permainan ini


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


manusia akan melakukan PERKARA BODOH
apabila terlupa, ataupun sengaja lupa

ambil cermin dan lihat diri kita

be thankful, next time, if you aren't now



Friday, April 1, 2011


i dont know why
but this song keeps on playing in my head

Yellow by Coldplay

too beautiful to describe it
listen to the melancholic melody and meaningful lyrics :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

if i could

if i could change, i would,
take back the pain, i would,
retrace every wrong move that i made, i would,
if i could,
stand up and take the blame, i would,
i will take all my shame to the grave, i would....

Above are excerpts from one of my favourite songs, Easier To Run by Linkin Park.

I dont know...
Just having a very big guilty feeling deep inside here.

When you take a silent moment,
forgetting about your future dreams,
pausing the current joy that you're enjoying,
and start to reminisce the past,
you could trace all the wrong things that you've done.

Maybe its weird,
but sometimes I like to have this feeling of being guilty.
It gives you the sense of caring more for other people, and treat them nicely and always view them with just and lovely intention.
In a simpler words, it acts like a sign to do less mistakes and more good deeds, bringing you back on the humble Earth from the sky of egoistical dreams.

I just dont know what more to say. And most probably it won't be enough....

Dear Allah and everyone,
I'm sorry.

p/s: just being realistic, not emotional here. thanks

Sunday, January 9, 2011

when things get too heavy

result are out
already expect 'em like that.
need to reduce the responsibilities that i'm carrying.
coz my priority is my studies.
no longer can be too active as I used to be in past days.
this aint school, this is college life.
no teacher will be around, ready to lend their hand to help you all the times.
maybe some will say that i should carry on.
but i know my capabilities,
and if there are others who can bear such responsible better than me,
then why should I stay?
im sorry for the mistakes and disappointment i might have caused.
lets forgive and forget,
I believe brighter future lies in the horizon of the future.
may this decision affect all parties positively.

May Allah bless us all.