Sunday, February 27, 2011

if i could

if i could change, i would,
take back the pain, i would,
retrace every wrong move that i made, i would,
if i could,
stand up and take the blame, i would,
i will take all my shame to the grave, i would....

Above are excerpts from one of my favourite songs, Easier To Run by Linkin Park.

I dont know...
Just having a very big guilty feeling deep inside here.

When you take a silent moment,
forgetting about your future dreams,
pausing the current joy that you're enjoying,
and start to reminisce the past,
you could trace all the wrong things that you've done.

Maybe its weird,
but sometimes I like to have this feeling of being guilty.
It gives you the sense of caring more for other people, and treat them nicely and always view them with just and lovely intention.
In a simpler words, it acts like a sign to do less mistakes and more good deeds, bringing you back on the humble Earth from the sky of egoistical dreams.

I just dont know what more to say. And most probably it won't be enough....

Dear Allah and everyone,
I'm sorry.

p/s: just being realistic, not emotional here. thanks

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