Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ohhh noooo!!!

I've got 2 solid reasons to have this title of the post as what it is:

1. Nooooooo. I dont have enough time to comment and analyze on politics and governance or even international studies... at least for now. Veri hectic schedule, kinda difficult to have time for this. Im now only capable of having such comments in borak2 kedai kopi with my mates. Sori jgn cakap aku berbual lebat pulak. (Semangat kadang2 melebihi kemampuan ) Heheheh

2. No no no no no no no... and no!!!! Yes, my deuter cerrotorre 40L has been stolen, along with my wallet cash hphone digital camera watch shirts pants.... It was during my exSASER rugby match that it was being stolen. Only Allah knows how I felt. Half time ada, match abis beg pun lesap. Semoga sang pencuri akan mendapat petunjuk dari Allah. IMYSM deuter cerrotorre 40L!!! :(

(Song playing: I miss u - Blink 182)

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