Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the paper with invisible values


there's so much confusion revolving around money.
  • how was the current monetary system was initially implemented?
  • if us (the rest of the world) are really dependant on the US Dollar, then what does the US dollar depent on? surely it(the Us dollar) cannot be be stable by itself, right?
  • why in the IMF articles, GOLD (dinar) cannot be used ad a method of transaction, despite the fact that for 1400 years of Islamic empire, such currency (DINAR-gold & DIRHAM-silver ) has maintained the sustainability of its economy?
well, these are just 3 out of thousands of questions still remain unanswered regarding the International Monetary System. The system that makes the rich becomes richer, and the poor becomes much much more poorer.

I was just finished reading "Dinar Book" by an Islamic scholar, Sheikh Imran Hosein. The e-book is downloadable at the following link:

Better read it. No, MUST READ IT. A thought provoking information, yet short and simple enough to be easily understood.

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