Monday, September 6, 2010


In one of the hadiths that I learned in primary years, I remember our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that in the end times, Jews and Christians will be divided into 72 groups. While us, the Muslims, will be divided into 73 groups, and only 1 group remain in the true path (correct me if i'm mistaken).....

The main point is (regardless of how many groups we're divided into), how we would ever identify which one is the true group? I stumbled upon this confusion when I was looking for materials for my Islamic Education coursework. I pick the title "Islam & Democracy". However, things got really hair-wired when different groups were pointing fingers to each other. It seemed like truth is invisible and intangible. You can't see it, nor you can't feel it.

Now there's a purpose of learning Theory of Knowledge......

Nevertheless, what I know and still believe is the truth, is the al-Quran & Hadiths.
By following guidelines in those devine teachings, only then I can find THE TRUTH.

and the rest is, I shall say that
WALLAHU 'ALAM............

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