Tuesday, April 27, 2010

red shirt

Red shirts- not liverpool,nor man utd- its the opposition rebel group in thailand who fights for the so-called true democracy through street demonstrations.
Actually, there are lots of questions that are still unanswered.

  • Who feed these people?
  • Who funded their daily activities?
  • Don't these people have other more profitable work to do?
  • And the most ironic fact is in this story. One day, the armed forces stormed the hotel where the red shirt leaders were staying. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the army), they managed to escape thanks to their supporters assistance-who stayed and sleep on the dirty and dusty streets. Come on red shirts! Look carefully at that incident! If your leaders were really with you, they should be sleeping on the streets just like most of you, not in the hotel. Don't you feel that your dissatisfaction towards the current government is being manipulated by people who have their own personal interest?
Well, to sum up this post, its crystal clear that street demos won't solve any problems. Instead, it will just create new ones. Even if it solve a problem, I am sure that it will only be solved for a short time. Chaos is gong to spread everywhere across the country. The country is going to be damned, by the foolish actions of their own people.

p/s: seems like man u won't win any trophies this season, same goes to other red teams (liverpool and arsenal.) SURELY BLUE IS THE COLOUR FOR THIS SEASON.


  1. alamak.
    kantoi sama org man u lah. hahah
    lepak dam, kita tgk 2 match lg cner.
    all da best. heheh