Wednesday, June 2, 2010

prince of persia


after being away from the cinema for around a month

went to jusco tebrau city with syamil, amir hamzah and syahmi


good storyline


fun to watch

perfect chemistry among the characters (especially Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina)


seemed like the choice of some of the cast was not perfectly matched with the Persian background of the movie. Prince Dastan (Jake Gylenhaal) didnt look like a Middle-Eastern man, so was Prince Garsiv.

then went to amir hamzah's house, playing ps3 god of war 3 game (when i'll get one myself??)

forget about it, u wont have time for that. and, there's no pirated dvd for ps3 in malaysia.

only the originals are available, and the cost for 2 copies equals the monthly household expenditure of a middle class family .....

then syamil sent us home.


just like other previous action movies in i watched in cinemas,

prince of persia switched on my WORKOUT MODE.

yeah gym here i come!

ahhaha, just not the day though, the gym was locked.

fortunately, my tennis racquet was there to hit my frustration on the walls of the court.

couldnt remember the last time i held the racquet.

my shot, especially backhands, we're not up to the standard lahhh..

(berangan jadi MR FedEx)

again, how i wished that i was and will always in the MODE.

always spirited and determined,focused on the targets.

looks like im not that istiqamah in getting fitter.

im gaining more mass. 72 kg currently. mak aihhh...

berat pahala? amiiiinnnn :)

berat lemak? no no please tell me its a lie :(

berat muscle ? haha it sounds like a joke to me

whatever it might be, just hoping that i'll always be in a good health. amiiin.

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